Breast cancer and Arimidex treatment

What is breast cancer?

The growth of breast cells which cannot be controlled is known as breast cancer. It can be a mutation (changes) in the genes which control the growth of breast cells.

Naturally, the breast cells substitute themselves in a normal order – old cells are replaced by the new ones. The process of mutation of genes can alter this normal way of cell substitution and cause uncontrolled growth of cells which divide and produce a swelling (neoplasm).

A swelling’s types are benign and malignant. The first type of a swelling is not dangerous for general health and is not regarded as cancerous.

Malignant swelling is cancerous. Malignant cells can finally spread in other parts of the body.

Breast cancer is a malignant neoplasm that has grown from cells in the breast. It commonly develops in the milk-producing glands, and in the ducts, the passages that drain milk from the lobules to the nipple. Sometimes breast cancer can start in the in the stromal tissues (the fatty and fibrous).

This type of disorder is in most cases considered to be genetically abnormal –about 90% of all cases.

After a period of time, cancer cells can enter and occupy the nearby healthy breast tissues and then into the lymph nodes of the body. After that the cancer cells can get to other parts of the body and spread in the whole body.

Genetic abnormality or inherited illness can provoke the cancer of the breast. Other risk factors may include unhealthy living, alcohol abuse, smoking, existence of other diseases.

According to statistic 1 in 8 women has a risk of invasive breast cancer. Individual situation should be taken into consideration. Women, who are at higher risk for having the disease, should consult their doctors regularly and take certain measures to prevent the disease or lower their own risks.

Arimidex medicine

Arimidex medicine belongs to antineoplastic agents prescribed to treat certain types of breast cancer. The medicine is used in postmenopausal women after the treatment with Nolvadex, Soltamox.

The main component in the medicine is Anastrozole. It is a selective inhibitor of transformation of androgens to estrogens.

Hormone therapy Arimidex can work by stopping the certain enzyme aromatase hormone from converting androgens into estrogens. This type of hormone therapy characterized by its main function is called aromatase inhibitor.

Tumor cells dependent on estrogens grow less when there is no estrogen, so Arimidex helps reduce the amount of estrogen and thus slow down the growth of the tumor.

Women should talk with their health care professionals about specific medical conditions and treatments.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use Arimidex medicine as it may cause damage to developing embryos. Women for whom Arimidex is prescribed should use effective non-hormonal type of birth control. You can ask your doctor for the most appropriate birth control type for you.

Is Generic Propecia safe?

Many men get concerned about use of generic Propecia as the internet is flooded with information about serious side effects of this drug.

More laboratory tests are to be conducted in relation to these reports of side effects associated with Propecia use. The manufacturers of the medicine exert all the efforts to get more knowledge about potential drug effects and evidence of its safety.

Propecia contains finasteride which is used to treat male pattern hair loss. The FDA has approved this medication after several tests were conducted. Still the long-term use of the medicine can reveal other side effects of the drug which were not seen during clinical studies.

The majority of professionals say that the medication works nicely in most men helping them to regrow hair soon. However there is a small number of men who have experienced unpleasant side effects of Propecia including sexual disabilities and depression. The number of such patients is extremely small and is considered insignificant when it comes to safety of the medicine. Such men should stop using Propecia and search for some other method of curing hair loss.

In most men however Propecia makes wonders – helping to regrow hair and change the appearance of a person.

Pharmaceutical companies producing generic Propecia will of course conduct extra tests and lab researches in men with male pattern hair loss to ensure the safety of the drug. The evidence or proof got from the tests will be a guarantee for those men who have concerns about Propecia treatment.

Propecia medicine is recommended for daily treatment which can last for more than 3-6 months. The duration of the treatment is very important because the hair grows slowly, so to see the results of the treatment one should keep on taking the medicine as long as needed.

In long term use of the medicine, the common side effects of this medicine disappear or become insignificant and inconspicuous. Usually the body gets accustomed to the actions of Finasteride and this helps to avoid side effects and any unwanted effects on health or general health state.

Propecia as a baldness solution may be very effective and comfortable treatment. Still it may be not suitable for all men. Some of the patients should not use this medicine as they experience side effects, allergic reactions or simply cannot tolerate the medicine well. The general advice for all men who intend to use Propecia is to visit a doctor and ask him about this medicine and if it is suitable for their condition.

Some details of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very discomforting condition for every person. Loosing hair causes stress, concerns and anxiety. Numerous reasons for hair thinning and  hair loss exist. It is better to consult a medical professional such as dermatologist or trichologist.
In major cases of hair loss in men the reason is in the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. It is also called Male Pattern Hair Loss and is characterized by gradual thinning of the hair which finally leads to complete baldness. The hair is lost in the front as well as top of the head.
Therapy depends upon the kind and reason for hair loss.
If not treated properly hair loss may get worse and eventually a person becomes bald. Male Pattern Hair Loss is however a long term process which can be helped effectively if the right treatment is adjusted.
Propecia – Finasteride is one of the medicines approved for the treatment of hair  loss in men. This medicine was clinically proven to be effective and safe. The use of this medicine usually takes from 3 to 12 month to view the results of the treatment.
If you are concerned about hair loss, do not hesitate, visit a doctor and get info about Propecia (Finasteride).


This drugs helps to prevent the conversion of DHT (testosterone to dihydrotestosterone) in the body.

Many men used this drug as  treatment hair loss on the anterior mid-scalp area and the vertex. Male pattern hair loss is a common condition in which men experience thinning of the hair on the scalp. Often, hair loss  results in a balding on the top of the head or/and receding hairline. Children or women  should not be used Propecia, this drug is  for only men.

Side effects

Call your doctor at once if you notice any breast pain, lumps, nipple discharge, or other problems .  Because these problems may be  signs of male breast cancer.   Less serious side effects of this drug:

• swelling in your feet or hands;

• loss of interest in sex,impotence or trouble having an orgasm;

• tenderness or swelling  in your breasts;

• abnormal ejaculation;

• weakness,dizziness;

• runny nose; or ‘

• feeling like you might pass out;

• skin rash;

• headache.